Utilities rely on EnergySavvy to create a more personalized customer experience, identify the right customer for the right offer, and automate operations.

Targeting Good Fit Customers

Arizona Public Service (APS) identified 'good fit' customers for their AC upgrade program before summer. Using data from EnergySavvy's Residential Online Assessment in combination with other other customer data, APS executed a targeted marketing campaign. This effort resulted in a 3x higher CTR (click-through rate) than their average CTR.

Source: Arizona Public Service

Greater Effectiveness with Downstream Marketing

Eversource targeted Residential Online Assessment users with a lighting and power strip offer, resulting in 7.5% response rate, 3 times higher than the utility's average email response rate.

Average Eversource Campaign

22% Open Rate

13% Click-through rate

2% Purchase Rate

Online Assessment Users

65% Open Rate

16% Click-through rate

7.5% Purchase Rate

Source: Eversource

Increased Efficiency, Higher Satisfaction

Implementing Workflow Automation in 2013 to automate its programs, NJNG achieved these results:

34% Decrease in time spent per week on data entry

59% Decrease in time to make program data available for staff

> 40 hours Per week saved that used to be devoted to fixing data entry errors

29% Increase in satisfaction with workflow process among staff

Source: New Jersey Natural Gas

Program Optimization Reduces QA/QC Costs

High cost and intrusiveness of QA/QC process

  • Use intelligent monitoring to reduce and target number of QA/QC inspections performed
  • Utility shifted approximately 25% of the overall inspection budget to directly improve the program

* All percentages are the percent of total annual projects (assumes 2,000 projects/year)


40% of projects inspected in 2015


20% Inspection goal for 2016/2017 – Introduced Intelligent QA/QC

Boost Audit to Retrofit Conversion Rate

Audit to retrofit conversion rate increased by a factor of 1.5x after Workflow Automation was implemented.

< 50% Before Workflow Automation

70% After Workflow Automation

Source: Utah Home Performace

Contractor Lead Form Conversion Rate

Workflow Automation can test and identify industry best practices. For example, it has proven that contractor lead form conversion rates go up as the choice of contractors is limited.

Source: EnergySavvy

45% Blind Round Robin

Top performing method, Blind Round Robin, based on algorithm that selects a single contractor based on project type, service area and round robin selection.

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Chart: Blind Round Robin vs. Limited Choice and Contractor List
40% Decrease in Audit to Test-out Time

With Workflow Automation, Utah Home Performance reduced the days between audit and test-out by 40%.

103 days Before Workflow Automation

62 days After Workflow Automation

Source: Utah Home Performace

31% Reduction in Administrative Time

After implementing Workflow Automation,
contractor administrative time per job was reduced by 31%.


31% Reduction in time spent per job

Source: Arizona Public Service

Upfront Incentive Dollars per MBTU Savings Acquired

After implementing Workflow Automation, upfront incentive dollars per MBTU declined by 23%.

$6.80 / MBTU Before Workflow Automation

$5.27 / MBTU After Workflow Automation

Source: Utah Home Performace

Arizona Public Service Program Cost Savings

After running their programs on Workflow Automation, APS achieved these results:

50% Reduction in administrative time to review and approve projects

66% Reduction in data processing time for APS reporting

80% Reduction in implementer labor costs

Source: Arizona Public Service