Customer Experience

Customer Experience


Make utility customer experience transformation a reality.

The Customer Experience Challenge


For today’s utility customer experience leaders, modernizing how their businesses approach customer experience doesn’t just mean bringing in new software and analytics—it means thinking horizontally, breaking down organizational silos, and complex change management.

But how to do that, and meet increasing customer expectations, in the face of massive IT challenges, regulatory issues, and the need to still reduce operational costs at the same time?

How EnergySavvy Addresses the Challenge

Personalized Customer Experience—Tuned for Real Utility Challenges

More than just machine learning and advanced analytics,EnergySavvy’s Utility Customer Experience (UCX) platform is the utility customer leader’s complete toolkit for uniting siloed customer data, and integrating personalized, real-time customer action recommendations (from billing to safety messages to EE and more) into customer journeys of all kinds, across every channel, even when they’re owned by different departments.

“To move forward, energy providers should shift toward experiences that allow consumers to control and tailor their own energy journeys. Look beyond traditional interactions to create two-way digital dialogues that resemble live face-to-face interactions.”

– The Love Index 2019, Accenture

Providing a personalized customer experience is a required capability for National Grid as we move forward. […] To succeed, personalization must be comprehensive, and that is the solution EnergySavvy is providing us.”

– Terence Sobolewski, CCO, National Grid

Solutions to Key Customer Experience Challenges

Next Best Actions

EnergySavvy Next Best Actions consider any available customer initiatives, messages, products or programs, and use machine learning to determine which actions are best suited for a given customer at that moment. Using advanced AI and propensity analysis to bring together the utility’s own customer data, third-party data, and business priorities, Next Best Actions creates a hub of personalized customer recommendations—surfaced across any customer channel.

These customized recommendations are made available via email, chatbots, IVR, mobile apps, call center staff, direct mail, and the existing utility self-service portal to create a personalized, easy and consistent experience for every customer.

Income-Qualified Engagement

Leveraging EnergySavvy’s UCX platform, utilities can identify the right customer for the right LMI offer(s), make it easy for them to enroll, and streamline the project process so that they start benefiting right away—improving not only the customer experience, but also the call center, contractor, and utility experience.

EnergySavvy’s UCX platform enables utility CSRs to recommend the best offer to each LMI customer based on utility-specific analytics and their customer profile—resulting in more relevant recommendations, higher participation and, ultimately, more comfortable and satisfied LMI customers.

Proactive Customer Engagement

Increasingly, utility marketing leaders today are tasked with managing digital properties including the website, mobile, MyAccount portal, and social media—and ensuring that these interactions meet modern customer expectations.

EnergySavvy’s UCX enables marketers to create personalized and consistent omni-channel experiences by displaying unique and tailored recommendations for each customer—improving engagement, participation, and customer satisfaction.

Customer Rate Education & Transition

New rate plans can be confusing and disruptive for utility customers. Whether they are opt-in or opt-out, the key to a successful, time-variable rate roll-out is to help customers understand the benefits of the new rate plans in a way that is relevant and personalized to them.

EnergySavvy helps utilities both drive new rate plan enrollment and manage transitions by creating and delivering personalized rate plan recommendations that show each customer’s savings potential based on real-time analytics.

Ready to make utility customer personalization a reality?