Contact Center

Contact Center


Reduce call volume and time—all while improving customer and CSR satisfaction.

The Customer Care Challenge


Utility call center leaders need not only to resolve customers’ issues quickly but also to reduce overall call volume, time and op-ex. All too often, Customer Service Reps (CSRs) lack insight into a customer’s complete profile, leading to recommendations that are not personalized.

What if each CSR had complete information and smart, prioritized, real-time recommendations, specifically relevant for that customer at the exact moment they were on the phone?

How EnergySavvy Addresses the Challenge

Personalize Call Center Interactions

EnergySavvy’s Utility Customer Experience (UCX) platform unites all relevant sources of customer data, developing prioritized recommendations. We then seamlessly integrate these into every customer-facing channel—including the call center—enabling utilities to reduce call time and call volume, and, most importantly, to solve customer issues the first time around.

“76% of consumers would use a digital agent to learn about new products and services.”

– The Love Index 2019, Accenture

I was skeptical to start, but I’ve now enrolled 7 extra people in paperless billing this morning that I wouldn’t have otherwise. It helps me know what to talk about with the customer.

— Contact Center Rep, National Grid

Solutions to Key Contact Center Challenges

Contact Center Optimization

EnergySavvy’s UCX platform enables utilities to develop prioritized, analytics-driven recommendations from unified data—making this available to the CSR in real time as calls come in, and across every customer channel.

And with this integrated data, utility contact center managers can understand where their biggest areas of opportunities are for call containment—solving customers’ real underlying issues to minimize or prevent calls.

Next Best Actions

EnergySavvy Next Best Actions consider any available customer initiatives, messages, products or programs, and use machine learning to determine which action(s), are best suited for a given customer at that moment. Using advanced AI and propensity analysis to bring together the utility’s own customer data, third-party data, and business priories, Next Best Actions creates a hub of personalized customer recommendations—surfaced across any customer channel.

These customized recommendations are made available via email, chatbots, IVR, mobile apps, call center staff, direct mail, and the existing utility self-service portal to create a personalized, easy, and consistent experience for every customer.

Income-Qualified Engagement

Call centers are an important channel for supporting low-to-moderate income (LMI) customers. But LMI initiatives frequently have complex eligibility requirements and enrollment processes.

EnergySavvy’s UCX platform enables utility CSRs to recommend the best offer to each LMI customer based on utility-specific analytics and their customer profile—resulting in more relevant recommendations, higher participation and, ultimately, more comfortable and satisfied LMI customers.

Start personalizing your contact center interactions.