Chief Customer Officers

Chief Customer Officers


Create an Amazon-like experience for every customer—on any channel.

The CCO Challenge


Today’s customers demand the kind of modern, personalized experience they’ve come to expect from companies like Amazon, Netflix and Lyft. But accomplishing this requires a complete view of the customer from across siloed data, and sophisticated predictive analytics that have been pre-tuned to the unique needs of a utility.

So how to achieve this without a multi-year, budget-busting IT system upgrade, followed by more years of time-consuming follow-on customizations?

The EnergySavvy Solution

A Truly Personalized
Customer Experience

EnergySavvy’s Utility Customer Experience (UCX) platform enables utility Chief Customer Officers to create world-class customer experiences by uniting any and all relevant sources of customer data, creating prioritized customer recommendations based on powerful, utility-specific analytics, and seamlessly integrating these into any customer-facing channel.

“82% of energy consumers surveyed in 2017 believe personalized products and services are essential to a positive customer experience.”

– The Love Index 2019, Accenture

[EnergySavvy] is really about customer focused, customer-centric transformation—and it’s around technology.

— Tom King, Former CEO, National Grid

Solutions to Key CCO Challenges

Next Best Actions

EnergySavvy Next Best Actions consider any available customer initiatives, messages, products or programs, and use machine learning to determine which action(s), are best suited for a given customer at that moment. Using advanced AI and propensity analysis to bring together the utility’s own customer data, third-party data, and business priories, Next Best Actions creates a hub of personalized customer recommendations—surfaced across any customer channel.

These customized recommendations are made available via email, chatbots, IVR, mobile apps, call center staff, direct mail, and the existing utility self-service portal to create a personalized, easy, and consistent experience for every customer.

Income-Qualified Engagement

Many utilities have multiple low-to-moderate income (LMI) or income-qualified offers and programs to help their customers—each with its own eligibility requirements and enrollment processes—making it difficult for customers and the utility alike to know which one is the very best for any given customer, what to choose or recommend, or how to enroll.

EnergySavvy’s UCX platform enables utilities to instantly offer the best offer to each LMI customer based on utility-specific analytics and their current customer profile. The result is more relevant recommendations, higher participation, and ultimately, more comfortable and satisfied LMI customers.

Proactive Customer Engagement

CCO’s leaders today are tasked with ensuring that all experiences meet customers’ increasing expectations, including direct mail, the website, mobile, MyAccount portal, and social media.

EnergySavvy’s UCX enables utilities to create personalized and consistent omni-channel experiences by displaying unique and tailored recommendations for each customer—improving engagement, participation, and customer satisfaction.

Program Enrollment

Traditional methods of utility outreach have typically relied on lists of generic tips—and resulted in low customer program participation and enrollment.

EnergySavvy’s Residential Online Assessment drives the highest and most cost-effective program enrollment in the industry by delivering a tailored customer experience and personalized recommendations—enabling utilities to drive engagement across a broad and customizable array of offers and programs.

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