Rate Education

Rate Education


Personalize, guide and scale rate plan education—and make the leap to trusted energy advisor.

The Time of Use Rate Transition Challenge


New rate plans can be confusing and disruptive for utility customers. Whether they are opt-in or opt-out, the key to a successful rollout (such as a Time-Variable Rate or TVR) is personalized time of use customer engagement to help each impacted customer understand the benefits of new TOU rates in the context of their journey, needs, and energy history.

But how to personalize utility TOU rate transition communications, both proactively and at enterprise scale?

The EnergySavvy Solution

Personalized TOU Rate Education

EnergySavvy helps utilities drive new rate TOU plan enrollment, lead transitions, and manage ongoing rate education by creating and delivering personalized rate plan recommendations that show each customer’s savings potential based on real-time analytics.

We’re working with EnergySavvy to continue to scale our programs and maintain our position among the top performing utilities nationwide.

— Nathan Morey, Salt River Project

Solving Key TOU Rate Transition Challenges

Customer Experience

EnergySavvy’s Utility Customer Experience (UCX) platform enables utilities to ensure that not only is enrollment and/or opt-out as easy and personalized as possible, but that every channel provides consistent messaging. And once a customer is enrolled, the UCX platform can help customers understand and optimize their energy usage in the future.

Contact Center

A significant rate plan change will likely drive a big increase in the volume, duration, and complexity of calls into the contact center. EnergySavvy’s UCX platform can predict why a customer is calling before the call reaches the CSR—enabling CSRs to be more informed, offer a resolution faster, and improve the customer experience.


EnergySavvy’s UCX platform enables utilities to create a full customer view to understand which new rate plan is the best fit for each customer, to target them with the right messages, enable a smooth enrollment and/or opt-out process, and customize ongoing communications to build customer trust.

Transform your time of use, time variable, and other rate education programs.