Program Enrollment

Program Enrollment


Boost program enrollment and streamline processes—while improving both customer and contractor satisfaction.

The Program Enrollment Challenge


With more programs, products and offers than ever before, meeting customer engagement and program participation goals are becoming an increasing challenge. But trying to engage potential customers through generic questionnaires and email blasts is rarely effective, and there are few good options for improving both customer participation and customer satisfaction.

The EnergySavvy Solution


EnergySavvy’s Utility Customer Experience (UCX) platform helps utilities better meet program enrollment and customer engagement goals by using advanced utility analytics to develop and prioritize personalized recommendations for each customer.

And our Process and Workflow Automation platform automates program processes, enabling program managers to use real-time analytics to improve program performance and increase customer satisfaction.

[EnergySavvy] demonstrated the ability to provide us quicker insight into program activity and to allow us to analyze customer data in a way that we simply are unable to do right now.

— Dan Zaweski, PSEG Long Island

Solving Key Program Enrollment Challenges


EnergySavvy’s Utility Customer Experience (UCX) platform brings together relevant customer data to enable marketers to deliver prioritized offers for each customer and create personalized messages in any marketing tool or channel—reducing the hours of manual work and processes and increasing program participation. As a result, utilities are empowered to drive customer satisfaction, and boost downstream targeted marketing.

Customer Experience

EnergySavvy’s UCX platform enables utilities to easily target each customer with the best-fit offers at each moment—providing customers a truly personalized and consistent experience no matter the channel, and increasing customer participation, enrollment, and satisfaction.


EnergySavvy’s UCX platform enables DSM/Energy Efficiency managers to drive engagement, increase program participation, and boost customer satisfaction by targeting the right customer for each offer across any customer channel. Using real-time analytics to deliver insights on every project in a utility’s programs, EnergySavvy also makes it easy to identify what’s working and what’s not.

Boost your program enrollment.