Next Best Actions

Next Best Actions

Delivering the right message to each customer at the right time—across any channel.

The Utility Personalization Challenge


Utility customer data today is often siloed between programs and departments in legacy systems—making it difficult for program managers, marketers, and CSRs to get a holistic view of a customer. And beyond the data challenges, JD Power reports that just 3% of customers are “very aware” of their utility’s programs and offers.

But solving this challenge requires personalization across the full range of utility programs, products and offers; and delivering it into any customer channel meaning real-time insights based on real-time energy usage analytics from internal and external data through next best actions. So how to do that at enterprise scale and without a budget-busting, multi-year IT initiative?

The EnergySavvy Solution

Integrated Utility
Next Best Actions

EnergySavvy’s integrated Next Best Actions (NBAs) uses sophisticated, utility-specific data science, energy artificial intelligence, and machine learning analytics to provide personalized, ranked recommendations on any customer initiatives, offers or messages—from DSM to distributed energy programs, rate plan recommendations, new revenue initiatives or safety reminders.

And EnergySavvy’s next-best action recommendations can be delivered via any customer channel, or integrated seamlessly into any existing utility system or platform.

“I was skeptical to start, but I’ve now enrolled seven extra people in paperless billing this morning that I wouldn’t have otherwise. It helps me know what to talk about with the customer.”

— Contact Center Rep, National Grid

Solving Key Utility Personalization Challenges

Contact Center

EnergySavvy’s Utility Customer Experience (UCX) platform enables contact center leaders to develop prioritized, analytics-driven NBAs for each customer—making this available to CSRs in real time as calls come in, and enabling them to better identify and address real underlying issues to minimize or prevent future calls.

Customer Experience

EnergySavvy’s UCX platform provides data-driven insights and utility next best offers for any customer at any moment in any channel—enabling customer experience leaders to provide a more personalized, consistent, and satisfying customer experience.


EnergySavvy’s UCX platform brings together relevant customer data to extract prioritized NBAs for each customer, enabling marketers to create personalized messages in any marketing tool or channel, and reach the right customers with the right offers.


EnergySavvy’s UCX platform enables DSM/Energy Efficiency leaders to drive engagement, increase program participation, and boost customer satisfaction by surfacing personalized program NBAs across any customer channel.

Proactively engage your customers with Utility Next Best Actions.