Home Performance

Home Performance


Streamline manual processes, increase program insight, and dramatically improve trade ally performance.

The Home Performance Program Challenge


Home Performance Programs can enable utilities to reach their energy savings goals and provide a more efficient and comfortable home for customers.

But managing these complex programs can be manual and time consuming—and there may be little visibility into project status, contractor performance, or control over customer engagement and acquisition.

The EnergySavvy Solution

The Complete Home Performance Solution

EnergySavvy’s Process and Workflow Automation solution automates home performance program processes, enabling program leaders to get real-time visibility into program and contractor performance, leverage powerful analytics to optimize programs, and personalize each customer interaction for a more satisfying and effective customer experience.

Our industry-leading Utility Whole House Energy Audit provides customers a modern, intuitive and user-friendly experience–increasing program participation and customer satisfaction.

“The software is intuitive and user friendly, and automates tasks that were previously completed manually. We immediately saw a reduction in the amount of administrative time required to manage projects, as well as time savings for energy auditors completing tasks in the field.

— Greg Krantz, Lead Program Manager, National Grid

“It takes longer to input one facet of the audit in our old software than it does to complete everything in EnergySavvy.

— Pat Anderson, Home Energy Specialist

Solving Key Home Performance Program Challenges


EnergySavvy’s Utility Customer Experience (UCX) platform brings together relevant customer data, enabling marketers to deliver prioritized offers for each customer, create personalized messages in any marketing tool or channel, and streamline the program enrollment process—reducing the hours of manual work and processes in targeting customers for program participation.


EnergySavvy’s UCX platform and Workflow Automation solution enable DSM/Energy Efficiency managers to drive greater and more personalized customer engagement, automate manual processes, view a single, always current-moment version of the truth, and optimize program performance with near real-time data.

Optimize your Home Performance program.