Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

From engagement to workflow to M&V 2.0—the only end-to-end utility EE solution in the market.

The Utility Energy Efficiency Challenge

With more programs, products and offers than ever before, how can a utility customer—or a utility—possibly know which are the very best recommendations right now for any customer? What’s more, managing complex energy efficiency and whole home programs with piecemeal solutions can be manual and time consuming. And many have little visibility into project status, contractor performance, or control over customer engagement and acquisition.

The EnergySavvy Solution

The Complete EE Platform

EnergySavvy has the most complete solution for utility energy efficiency programs in the market—powering world-class programs at Mass Save®, National Grid, APS, and more. Our Utility Customer Experience (UCX) platform helps utilities increase program enrollment and hit customer engagement goals faster by using advanced analytics to proactively reach each customer through online energy and direct mail assessments, behavioral recommendations, and next-best actions. Plus, our platform automates critical program processes and simplifies contractor management, while cutting-edge M&V 2.0 technology enables program leaders to optimize programs through real-time analytics.

“EnergySavvy was able to pull out the outlier homes that really had twice the amount of energy savings potential. Instead of randomly sending out emails, we were able to target houses with high savings potential and really drive our achievement rates up.

— Chris Baker, APS

Solving Key Energy Efficiency Challenges


EnergySavvy’s Utility Customer Experience (UCX) platform brings together relevant customer data, enabling marketers to deliver prioritized offers for each customer, create personalized messages in any marketing tool or channel, and streamline the program enrollment process—reducing the hours of manual work and processes in targeting customers for program participation.


EnergySavvy’s UCX platform and Workflow Automation solution enable DSM/Energy Efficiency managers to drive greater and more personalized customer engagement, automate manual processes, view a single, always current-moment version of the truth, implement integrated DSM programs, and optimize program performance with near real-time data.

Get started optimizing energy efficiency utility program management.