Energy Audits

Energy Audits

Boost customer participation and satisfaction.

The Customer Assessment Challenge

With the growing number of offers, products, programs and rate plans that a utility can provide, meeting customer engagement and participation goals gets harder and harder. Helping customers save energy and calculating estimated energy savings are important, but effective engagement finds the option(s) that are best for each customer across all possible programs and drives them to enroll. How do you effectively and efficiently engage today’s customers—who expect personalization—around more than just energy efficiency?

The EnergySavvy Solution

Energy Audits

EnergySavvy’s industry-leading Residential Online Assessment and Direct Mail Assessment enable any customer to engage, take the initiative and self-serve, from digitally savvy millennials to hard-to-reach seniors, rural and low-income customers. With the highest and most cost-effective program enrollment in the industry, EnergySavvy offers customers a modern, intuitive and user-friendly experience across a broad array of utility programs.

“Residential Online Assessment asked all of the questions that we needed. The presentation was so easy, perfect for our customers.

— Carla De La Chapa, CPS Energy

Solving Key Energy Audit Challenges


Energy audits deliver prioritized, personalized offers for each customer, online or via mail—increasing program participation and improving customer satisfaction. Home energy assessment data can also be used for other marketing campaigns.


As customers demand a more personalized experience and self-serve options, home energy assessments can help utilities deliver what these customers expect in an intuitive, enjoyable, and accessible way—either online or via mail.


Residential energy assessments enable program managers to reaching energy efficiency and DSM participation targets for both digitally engaged and hard-to-reach customers—cost effectively and efficiently.

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