Energy Analytics and M&V 2.0

Energy Analytics
and M&V 2.0

Drive real-time utility personalization and savings estimates through next-generation Energy Analytics.

The Energy Analytics Challenge


Today’s utilities require a modern and powerful set of analytics capabilities—both to deliver the customer experience personalization that’s now expected, and to understand the effectiveness of the products and programs they are providing.

But how to get this without investing huge sums and years of trial and error in customizing generic analytics tools, trying to build them in-house, or sacrificing timeliness, detail and transparency by relying on third-party implementers?

The EnergySavvy Solution

Energy Analytics

EnergySavvy’s Energy Analytics was purpose built to extract non-obvious insights from complex and disparate utility data sets—the insights required to power personalized recommendations across any channel.

And for program, evaluation and planning leaders, EnergySavvy’s M&V 2.0 solution provides continuous billing analysis and measurement across all program participants and comparison groups (even without AMI).

With EnergySavvy, utilities get a continuous view of the leading indicators of program performance, enabling them to identify  issues and take action within the program year—and long before a formal evaluation.

“[EnergySavvy] demonstrated the ability to provide us quicker insight into program activity and to allow us to analyze customer data in a way that we simply are unable to do right now.

— Dan Zaweski, PSEG Long Island

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