Contact Center Optimization

Reduce call volume and time—all while improving customer and CSR satisfaction.

Contact Center Optimization

Utility-tuned personalization to reduce call volume and improve resolutions.

The Customer Care Challenge

60% of utility customers call into the contact center more than twice a year, and the majority of these calls are billing and cost related. But in the face of scattered data and limited insights into how customers are actually consuming energy, how can a CSR know what’s the very best program, rate plan, product, offer or message to help a customer at that moment?

The EnergySavvy Solution

Utility Contact Center Optimization

EnergySavvy’s Utility Customer Experience (UCX) platform unites any relevant sources of customer data from across disparate systems and then uses sophisticated utility analytics to identify prioritized customer recommendations. We then seamlessly integrate these into the call center, IVR, and other customer channels—enabling utilities to improve resolutions, reduce call volume, and, most importantly, address customer issues the first time around.

CSR View on computer screen

“Customers are really loving it. I am having customers say, ‘You are so amazing and thank you for giving me this information’.”

— Contact Center Rep, National Grid

Start personalizing your utility contact center interactions.