EnergySavvy Solutions


The complete utility customer experience solution.

EnergySavvy’s Utility Customer Experience Platform


Providing everything from full-scope energy efficiency, to AI-driven customer personalization, to advanced M&V 2.0, to program automation, to Customer Experience Transformation consulting—EnergySavvy’s powerful platform delivers a uniquely end-to-end customer experience solution. 

A Truly Customized Customer Experience


Supporting a large and diverse database of utility-specific, analytics-driven next best actions (NBAs), we empower utilities to personalize each customer interaction and recommendations within their existing systems—and without a big IT upgrade.

Providing a personalized customer experience is a required capability for National Grid as we move forward. […] To succeed, personalization must be comprehensive, and that is the solution EnergySavvy is providing us.”

– Terence Sobolewski, CCO, National Grid

Solving Top Utility Challenges


EnergySavvy helps each utility achieve their unique business objectives, whether for the contact center, energy efficiency programs, IT, customer experience, or cross-departmental initiatives like c-sat improvement or cost reduction. Our UCX platform helps solve the top challenges faced by any utility role or use case.

Start solving your utility’s top customer challenges.