Program Optimization

Continuously assess and optimize programs.

Maximize Program Quality and Efficiency

DSM program managers want to continually improve program participation, project quality, and customer satisfaction. Every project is a reflection of the utility with each poor-performing project resulting in customer dissatisfaction and, potentially, bad word of mouth. Yet with limited data, often available too late to act upon, it’s difficult to identify critical issues needed to improve a program within the program year.

Program Optimization enables program managers to assess the performance of programs in near real time so they can make mid-course corrections.

  • Continuous performance monitoring: Understand ongoing energy savings broken down by measures, regions, building types, trade allies and other - relevant program characteristics so that you can take action.
  • Targeted QA/QC: View the projects that are most likely to need field or desk attention to maximize the effectiveness of your QA/QC budget.
  • Contractor scorecard: Give feedback to trade allies on problem areas to drive performance improvements, give praise where deserved, and arm your trade allies to better sell and market themselves.

Using EnergySavvy’s Program Optimization software to monitor contractor performance, remotely target QA/QC, APS was able to shift approximately 25% of their inspection budget to directly improve the program. Read the full APS case study here.

Instead of crawling through their attics, we’re at the kitchen table with the customer conducting a survey about the program and the contractor they worked with - obtaining invaluable feedback that we can take to better market and deliver our services.

Chris Baker,
Make Better Decisions, Faster

By measuring program performance continuously, beginning with the first completed project, Program Optimization provides utilities, their implementation partners, and trade allies with the speed, agility, and insights to make better decisions and meet energy savings targets.

Actionable Data for Contractors

Address the accountability gap with contractors by providing a scorecard from meter and inspection data. Contractors can view their performance in relation to their peers and view if their performance is trending up or down over time.

Remotely Target Inspections

Easily view projects in one place, identifying projects that are, or are not, performing as well as expected. Program Optimization enables program managers to target inspections based on performance, eliminating unnecessary work.

Make Better Decisions, Faster
Actionable Data for Contractors
Remotely Target Inspections