Enrollment Center

Modern program enrollment experience that drives
customer participation in utility products and services.

Personalized and Self-Service Online Enrollment

Today’s customers expect easy to use, automated experiences they can glide through. Yet, enrolling in utility programs involves pull-down menus and long lists of links leading to dated forms. There is little personalization, which results in lower program participation and a lost opportunity to boost customer satisfaction. Behind this customer experience, enrollment processes are often manual, costly and disconnected from each other and major information systems.

Enrollment Center is one-stop shop for customers to find and apply for any utility customer initiative, eliminating manual forms and call center sign-ups. This enrollment solution decreases the cost to serve with self-service solutions and improves the customer experience. Integrated into an existing utility customer portal, or presented within the main utility website for customers who are not logged in, Enrollment Center breaks down the barriers to program participation.

  • Easily cross-sell programs: View all prioritized program offerings in an organized gallery.
  • Simple, intuitive forms: Modern, personalized forms make it easy for the customer to provide the required information, eliminating the often frustrating experience completing forms.
  • Enrollment history: Gain visibility into customer program enrollment activity.
  • Hassle-free updates: Easily maintain, prioritize, group, and reorder offerings as needed to meet evolving customer demand and program priorities - all without relying on your internal IT team.
  • Simplified integrations: Enrollment forms front-end the right fulfillment system whether it’s third-party or in-house.
Simplified Program Choices for Better Decision-Making

For utility customers, no more searching around the website in hopes of finding the right programs. Enrollment Center offers a gallery of programs personalized for each customer in a visual and engaging display, seamlessly integrating with a utility’s website and customer portal.

Centralized Customer Program Data

Customer data from completed program applications are stored in Customer Cloud, where utilities and implementers can easily access, filter, and export. Enrollment Center cuts down on back-office manual data entry, increases accessibility to customer enrollment data, and saves time and resources.

Increased Agility to Update Program Galleries

Utility program staff no longer have to rely on their IT teams to change, modify or remove program offerings on their customer self-serve enrollment center. The list of programs that customers view can be easily modified and curated to fulfill program priorities, based on next-best-offer analysis and customer information. Staff can also determine the depth of data collected with each enrollment experience to continually build customer profile and maximize personalization.

Simplified Program Choices for Better Decision-Making
Centralized Customer Program Data
Increased Agility to Update Program Galleries