Programs and Operations

Modern Workflow and Analytics for Data-Driven Decisions

The number of customer offerings that utilities manage are growing rapidly, yet the tools to manage them are often manual and hard to navigate. With all of the moving parts, it’s difficult to get a clear picture on current program statuses and effectively scale programs. Also, program managers often have to rely on outdated data and feedback to make decisions, making mid-course corrections impossible. This results in missed program goals, difficulties in resource planning, and poor customer experiences.

EnergySavvy’s Programs and Operations product suite empowers utilities with full control of information, enabling real-time analytics, improved program performance and increased customer satisfaction. Program managers have increased visibility into program activity and performance with up-to-date dashboards.

  • Automate processes to increase customer satisfaction: Decrease end-to-end process time by 40%.
  • Track trade ally performance: Combine metered data with deemed savings, providing actionable feedback to contractors.
  • Target QA/QC: Target projects that need attention more effectively, reducing the need for physical inspections
  • Monitor programs continuously: Identify risks to program performance faster than traditional methods and streamline efforts with program management.