Utility Customer Experience Platform

The Utility Customer
Experience Platform

Modern customer insights, automation, and engagement for every utility.

EnergySavvy’s Utility Customer Experience (UCX) platform is the only utility-focused personalization solution that delivers a personalized, digital, Amazon-like experience that modern customers expect leveraging AI and machine learning for utilities.

With EnergySavvy, utilities get a fundamental technical advantage that …

Is pre-tuned for the full range of utility customer journeys—from billing inquiries to start/stop to energy efficiency.

Works with any existing or legacy systems and technology—no massive IT project to get started.

Handles analytics at utility scale—terabytes of AMI in moments.

Every Customer Journey in Any Customer Channel


From Why High to Start/Stop to Energy Efficiency, EnergySavvy’s UCX platform is the only customer personalization solution pre-tuned for the full range of utility customer journeys. What’s more, EnergySavvy integrates with any customer channel, including contact center, My Account, IVR, chatbots, mobile, social, email, and more.

The Utility Customer Experience Technology Advantage

Unified Utility Customer Data

Unlike generic data solutions, EnergySavvy’s Customer Cloud uses a modern, utility-specific data model and microservices architecture to quickly integrate, normalize, and deliver customer data in any channel.

From monthly billing, AMI, CIS, and CRM data, to third-party premise, weather, demographics, utility program data, and much more, EnergySavvy can unify it—at enterprise scale.

Utility Analytics-Driven Personalization

EnergySavvy’s Utility Customer Experience (UCX) analytics uncovers energy usage insights and prioritized Next Best Actions (NBAs), powered by a robust stack of analytics technology, proprietary data science, and energy machine learning methodologies.

With EnergySavvy, utilities can deliver modern, real-time, AI-driven personalization that’s pre-tuned for unique utility data and utility analytics challenges.

The EnergySavvy Utility Customer Experience Approach

EnergySavvy Experiences

EnergySavvy provides a full suite of elegant yet powerful utility and consumer-facing software, including:

  • Industry’s leading customer assessments
  • Real-time NBA recommendations for Contact Center Reps
  • Behavioral energy savings for customers
  • Instant customer segmentation for Marketing
  • Powerful Workflow Management and Optimization for program leaders

Powered Horizontal System Experiences

EnergySavvy’s UCX can also power existing utility customer software tools and platforms, such as Salesforce, Oracle and Sitecore, with personalization that’s pre-tuned for the specific needs of utilities.

We enable utilities to more easily deliver a truly relevant personalized customer experience via their marketing clouds, call center software, IVR, mobile apps, customer account portals, social media, and more.

Mindless! [EnergySavvy] helps you help the customer, provides what they need without you even having to think about it.

— Contact Center Rep, National Grid

How To Get Started

Implementing a personalized customer experience shouldn’t feel like boiling the ocean.

From promoting a single product to full enterprise UCX—getting started with EnergySavvy can be as easy as picking one key customer journey to personalize, and building on your success from there.

And if you need help deciding where to begin—our expert services team is ready to help.

Bring UCX personalization to your utility.