EnergySavvy: Works with everything.

Personalization Into Any System—Without the IT Pain

EnergySavvy’s Utility Customer Experience (UCX) platform is highly flexible, and designed to unify disparate customer data sources and easily integrate with both modern and legacy IT systems.

The unique vertical focus of EnergySavvy’s technology has been recognized by a variety of IT players, including modern, horizontal cloud and third-party system integrators—and we are constantly adding more.

How EnergySavvy Integrates


EnergySavvy was built from the ground up to offer a full range of integration options for seamless delivery of personalized utility customer data, messaging and recommendations into any existing system or platform. And most importantly, any integration method is backed by the same source of truth about the customer, enabling a single, coordinated message to be delivered to any customer—no matter how they choose to engage.

Direct integration through existing adapters and REST APIs for seamless delivery into core utility systems and apps.

Embeddable widgets into existing customer web, CRM and administration interfaces.

Parallel interfaces allowing turnkey implementation of EnergySavvy solutions alongside legacy customer systems.

Discover EnergySavvy’s full integration capabilities.