What’s your home energy score?

What’s your home energy score?
February 23, 2010 Scott Case
Home Energy Report

How efficient is your home compared to your neighbors? Are you paying more than you should be on your utility bills?

Now you can find out. EnergySavvy has released our new online energy report tool.

Homeowners like you can use our website to get your home energy score, get an estimate of how much you could be saving on your utility bills, and get customized recommendations about the upgrades to make that’ll give you the biggest bang for your buck.

And once you’ve done that, our website acts as a one-stop shop for homeowners, showing you energy rebates in your area, giving you easy educational resources about energy efficiency and, for projects that require it, connecting you with pre-screened energy contractors in our network who really understand energy efficiency.

Give it a try and share your score with your friends to see whose home is more energy efficient.

Get started here!

– The Team at EnergySavvy