What Gets Measured Gets Managed

What Gets Measured Gets Managed
May 12, 2016 Cassandra McCandless
Person with Laptop Customer Operations

More rapid and accurate quantification of DSM

It’s been written about by ACEEE and NEEP, prioritized in California, and considered in states from New York to Minnesota, and Connecticut. Savings measurement software has emerged as a hot topic across the industry.

Quantify-infographic-300px-with-buttonThe Challenge

Utilities face a perennial challenge: the need for, and lack of, consistent feedback on customer program performance throughout the program year. What would change if program administrators and implementers could continuously see real world, at-the-meter savings resulting from programs? What insights would be found hiding within customer usage data?

At the heart of this discussion is a new class of savings measurement software tools, which provide data directly from the meter and give utility planners, implementers, and evaluators the control and transparency needed to maximize performance.

What it is

Savings measurement software combines modern, cloud-based software with energy use modeling to deliver data-driven insights on customers and programs. In short, it brings savings analysis into the modern era.

How it works

By aggregating results across a set of projects or premises, savings measurement software can identify energy savings amidst noisy usage data. Additionally, it compares groups of treated and untreated premises to detect biases and influences beyond the customer program. As new data becomes available – both from projects and meters (interval or monthly) – it is added into the system. The result is a rolling assessment of program savings, one that is continually refined as more information becomes available.

Use-cases for savings measurement software

1.  Targeted Marketing
Savings measurement software pinpoints measures and combinations of measures where results are higher or lower than the expected deemed savings. Using granular data about the program, utilities can target customers similar to the best performing customers or projects with the right offer.

2. Program OptimizationQuantify-laptop-with-person
Savings measurement software provides early insights into program performance allowing management to make mid-flight changes and optimize programs. As a result, program managers can focus on customer satisfaction, increased quality, and more cost-effective programs.

3. Contractor Performance and Feedback
It sheds light on which trade allies are achieving expected results, and which are over or under-performing. With this information, program staff can take corrective action, adjust training and onsite inspections, and improve results for customers.

For more, check out our savings measurement software infographic.