We Love Seattle – Community Roundup

We Love Seattle – Community Roundup
April 6, 2009 Aaron Goldfeder

We love Seattle. Our team has diverse interests, but one solid common area is our love for Seattle. We play ultimate Frisbee here, snowboard here, raise kids here and pay taxes here.

And, as a new company, we’re very happy to be part of the Seattle community. With that in mind, a few news items.

Come to Bloom!

Bloom!  Is an evening event focused on passionate speakers doing amazing things in the realm of clean tech and sustainability.  We’re super psyched to have partnered with Re-Vision Labs, Green Drinks and Kevin Moore to put this event on.  There’s a $5 charge, but the proceeds go to charity.

Check it out at BloomSeattle.com!

The speaker lineup seems very promising with some of my personal favorite topics well represented… Energy Efficiency finance, ice cream, chocolate, oil…. yum!

Evoworx In the News

One thing we love about Seattle is the nurturing environment for new companies and risk taking endeavors.  There’s a ton of great companies, events and community support.   A great example of this is John Cook’s work in highlighting startup activity.  It was great of John to take the time to write about Evoworx!

Amazing Weather

And, finally… The weather broke and it’s been *amazing* the last few days.  And to think the Mountains have had 12ft of snow in just the last month.  Here’s a quick rooftop iphone pic for fun.