The Easier Road to Modernizing Utility Customer Experience

The Easier Road to Modernizing Utility Customer Experience
September 11, 2017 Crystal Leaver
Straight Road

It is no surprise that today’s utility customers expect the same experience from their utilities as they have with innovative companies like Amazon and Netflix. Not only does this affect customer satisfaction, it also has implications on the bottom line—in fact, utilities in the U.S. are losing $6.2 billion annually due to poor customer experiences.

Addressing the ever increasing customer demands is often challenging for utilities because system upgrades are generally expensive, data is siloed across departments and processes, and solutions are not specifically tailored for utility data. And once a utility decides to embark on a CIS upgrade, for example, it can take years and millions of dollars to complete before any benefits are realized by the utility or the customer. Fortunately, utilities can use flexible cloud software to personalize and modernize their relationship with customers–almost immediately, on any platform. Cloud-based predictive analytics can enable utilities to reach the right customer at the right time with the right offers and recommendations, on their preferred communication channel.

Read our latest infographic, Road to a Personalized Utility Customer Experience, to learn more about the difference between a CIS upgrade and cloud software, and how other companies’ personalization best practices can be applied to transform your utility customer experience.