The $24 Billion Energy Efficiency Measurement Challenge

The $24 Billion Energy Efficiency Measurement Challenge
June 3, 2015 Cassandra McCandless
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If we want to move to a world of market-approaches, distributed energy resources linked by a modernized grid, while delivering true customer benefits and leverage demand-side management (DSM) as a compliance pathway on 111(d), we have to solve this challenge.

Join the Webinar: “Quantifying Energy Efficiency in Real Time”

Feedback on what’s working—or not—is essential, yet traditional practice only measures actual performance after-the-fact. Join EnergySavvy and guests panelists from Ameren Missouri and PSEG Long Island for the June 18th webinar, “Quantifying Energy Efficiency in Real Time.” The utility speakers will share their vision for a more streamlined, proactive, timely, quantitative approach enabled by continuous savings measurement. And we’ll provide a demo of Optix Quantify, EnergySavvy’s savings measurement software.


      • Greg Lovett, Manager of Energy Efficiency, Ameren Missouri
      • Dan Zaweski, Manager, Planning & Evaluation, PSEG Long Island
      • Tim Guiterman, Director of EM&V Solutions, EnergySavvy


Energy Efficiency Spending and Lost Opportunities

The utility industry spends close to $8 billion each year on energy efficiency, projected to double over the coming decade. Over a three-year period, that’s about $24 billion with results often coming in the third year. That’s too late to have impacted those three years of program operations, not to mention the immense opportunity costs in terms of missed positive customer experiences, regulatory confidence, and an energy efficiency market valued on savings more than incentives.

Modernizing Savings Measurement through Software

The good news is secure enterprise cloud computing is low cost, the data science is proven, and the convergence with traditional M&V protocols can enable continuous energy savings measurement.







Tim Guiterman, EnergySavvy’s Director of EM&V Solutions, said “with modern cloud computing and data science it’s possible cheaply analyze actual energy savings on the meter for every single project, on a rolling basis, and compare with general energy users to remove other effects to compute actual net savings.”

Join the Upcoming Webinar

Register for the upcoming webinar on June 18, “Quantifying Energy Efficiency in Real Time” featuring speakers from Ameren Missouri, PSEG Long Island, and EnergySavvy.