Technology Industry Leader Rebecca Norlander Joins EnergySavvy Board!

Technology Industry Leader Rebecca Norlander Joins EnergySavvy Board!
January 31, 2017 Scott Case
Rebecca Norlander

We are absolutely delighted this week to announce that technology industry leader Rebecca Norlander is joining the EnergySavvy board of directors. Rebecca brings strong technical and product acumen to our board with an impressive resume of technology leadership roles. During her tenure at Microsoft she served as chief of staff for Ray Ozzie, then Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect. Currently she serves as CEO of Samepage Health, and was CEO and founder of Health123. Check out the full press release here.

In conversation with us this week, Rebecca said that she’s joining the team because she’s “been a huge believer in both EnergySavvy and Aaron Goldfeder for years. As an early investor in EnergySavvy, I believe strongly in the importance of energy efficiency and clean tech. With EnergySavvy at the forefront of the utility industry transformation, I’m very excited to be a part of the team charting the trajectory.”

Another reason this is so exciting is that Rebecca’s rich experience, both at Microsoft and as an entrepreneur, brings invaluable technical and leadership expertise to our team in the development of enterprise-class platforms. We are all very excited to leverage her deep experience in this area as we continue to build out and deploy our cloud-based utility customer transformation platform.

And this expertise is coming at just the right time for our industry as well. As our CEO, Aaron, put it, “It is humbling and a privilege to have her join our board as EnergySavvy enables utilities to adapt to the customer-focused and clean energy era.”

In addition to Rebecca and Aaron, the EnergySavvy board also includes Tom King, the former CEO of National Grid and chair of Alliance to Save Energy, as well as venture investors from GXP Investments, EnerTech Capital, Prelude Ventures, and Pivotal Investments.

Welcome to the team, Rebecca!