Six Ways that Continuous Measurement Can Optimize Program Performance

Six Ways that Continuous Measurement Can Optimize Program Performance
March 21, 2017 Crystal Leaver
Program Optimization

Measurement is a critical part of managing a program, but today most utility program managers receive data months or even years later–making it difficult to identify and resolve issues in the program year. Without sufficient and timely data, program managers can’t effectively optimize programs, manage contractor performance, conduct cost-effective inspections, maintain good customer satisfaction, or avoid evaluation surprises.

Advanced M&V has gained attention beyond the evaluation circles and expanded to the energy efficiency community, regulators, and utilities alike in the past few years. The technology enables continuous measurement of energy savings at the customer meter to provide near real-time insight into energy efficiency program performance, or what we also call program optimization.

EnergySavvy’s free new eBook, Continuous Measurement: Six Ways to Optimize Program Performance, discusses how to solve the unique challenges that program managers face including:

  • Managing contractors
  • Launching new measures
  • Expensive QA/QC methods
  • Continuous, detailed feedback on performance trends
  • Realization rate surprises
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction

Using continuous measurement through Program Optimization, program managers can create contractor scorecards, better target physical inspections, get faster insights into new measure performance, improve customer targeting, build customer satisfaction, and more.

Download the eBook today to learn how up-to-the minute, continuous measurement can provide the data and insight needed to make your program a success.

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