Part 3: Optimizing Your Whole Home Program

Part 3: Optimizing Your Whole Home Program
March 7, 2017 Liz Visconti
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Instead of optimizing their programs, many program managers are spending precious time dealing with challenges around getting to one version of the truth on programs, managing a network of trade allies, and meeting ever increasing customer expectations.

Getting to one version of the truth
Program managers spend far too much time calling contractors and implementers to follow-up on program status–time that could be better allocated to improve the program. Most program managers are in the dark on their own program status, relying on monthly or less frequent reports. Lacking one version of the truth can lead to surprises in evaluation, after the fact, making it impossible to course correct.

Managing a network of trade allies
Trade allies are a reflection on the program itself; poor performing contractors can cause poor customer experiences, leading to negative word of mouth for the utility and low program participation. Maintaining good contractor satisfaction is as critical as maintaining good customer satisfaction. Contractors are deterred from involved manual administration tasks, low lead volume, and lack of regular feedback on performance.

Increasing customer expectations
The stakes for customer experience are now also higher. Customers are used to easily setting up their Uber account, selecting a program from Netflix, or getting personalized recommendations from Amazon—and now demand similar experiences from their utility. Customers now also have more choices around their energy usage, making it more important than ever to develop a strong customer engagement strategy.

In the final chapters of EnergySavvy’s eBook, Five Challenges for Whole Home Program Success, we offer solutions for better managing your Whole Home Program and meeting customer expectations by:

  • Creating an up-to-the minute dashboard of program status
  • Delivering high quality leads with home energy assessments and more
  • Providing an intuitive web interface for trade allies
  • Giving regular feedback to contractors to ensure high quality projects
  • Using data to personalize recommendations and the customer experience

Whole Home Programs provide significant tangible and financial benefits to customers. They are also critical components of many energy efficiency portfolios. The challenges that program managers encounter can cause frustration, but can also be an opportunity to further improve customer satisfaction, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

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