Part 2: Managing Costs for Whole Home Program Success

Part 2: Managing Costs for Whole Home Program Success
February 21, 2017 Liz Visconti
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Exhausting the budget for your Whole Home program can cause headaches or even program failure. Unfortunately, these programs have a large number of variables that can contribute to depleted budgets, including expensive lead generation, heavy administrative duties, and uneconomical QA/QC methods. And utilizing highly manual task management systems like paper folders and Excel files only contributes to the challenges.

By streamlining processes and taking better advantage of technology, managers can ensure that their programs adhere to budgets. In the new eBook, Five Challenges for Whole Home Program Success, we list ways that successful Whole Home Program managers have maximized their program budgets that include:

  • Leveraging online or direct mail assessments to generate cost-effective leads
  • Using program optimization software to better target inspections on areas that need it
  • Streamlining data collection and usage with HPXML
  • Employing automated workflows to free up time

Using program optimization software, Arizona Public Service was able to more smartly target inspections for their Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program and shift 25% of their inspection budget into the the program.

Download the free eBook today to read more Whole Home Program case studies and tips for success. And be sure to check back here on the EnergySavvy blog for the next part in the series in two weeks!