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  • Three Components of Personalization

    The Three Essential Technologies for Utility Personalization and Engagement

    Working in the utility space, it seems like every day there’s another new company talking about how analytics-powered personalization can…

  • Meter reading

    Integrated Evaluation Through M&V 2.0

    This was originally published on the NEEP blog. The following post was adapted from my comments given at NEEP’s EM&V…

  • Advanced M&V

    Six Steps to Getting Started with Advanced M&V

      Advanced M&V, the automated, continuous measurement of energy usage, peak demand, and savings to optimize programs and enhance evaluation…

  • Woman on phone with ear buds

    How Amazon, Netflix, Lyft, and Uber Might Deliver the Utility Customer Experience

      “Hey Alexa. I got a high energy bill in the mail. How can I lower it this month?” While…

  • Aaron Goldfeder

    Cultivating Entrepreneurialism at EnergySavvy

    This week EnergySavvy received the wonderful news that I’ve been selected as a finalist for EY’s Entrepreneur Of The Year®…