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  • Webinar: The State of the Utility Customer Experience

    Amazon. Netflix. Lyft. These are the companies that today’s utility customers are benchmarking their experience against. And while most utilities…

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    EnergySavvy announces 2017 Utility Customer Experience Maturity Survey Results

    As a company, we’ve met with over 10,000 utility leaders and executives across the country and one common theme we’ve…

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    New Whitepaper: Getting Real on M&V 2.0 Standards

    With the growing interest and focus on data-driven, automated methods to measure energy efficiency, known as Advanced M&V or “M&V…

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    All Things M&V 2.0 at the NEEP EM&V Fall Forum

    I recently attended the NEEP EM&V Fall Forum, a one-day workshop titled “The Many Flavors of M&V.” The focus of…

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    M&V 2.0’s Role in Energy Efficiency Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

      Energy efficiency is emerging as an important distributed energy resource and growing to meet long-term energy needs. As energy…