Our favorite New Year’s To Do List!

Our favorite New Year’s To Do List!
December 16, 2009 Scott Case

glyph_incentiveThe Conscious Shopper has put together a great 2010 “To Do” list called the “Conscious Shopper Challenge: A Year to Go Green without Going Broke”. Besides being generally supportive of the way the Conscious Shopper approaches living — being frugal, green, realistic and, well conscious — we’re particular fans of her list, excerpted here:

Challenge #2: Energize

13) Change your bulbs
14) Get a home energy audit
15) Save energy through heating and cooling
16) Save energy when cooking
17) Save energy when washing dishes and laundry
18) Slay your vampires
19) Upgrade to energy star
20) Support renewable energy

You can find the complete list of ways to go green without going broke here at the Conscious Shopper’s blog.

And if you’re thinking of making these kinds of home energy upgrades yourself, make sure you’re using all the available energy rebates and tax credits to pay for home energy efficiency.  Cash for Clunkers is just one of the programs out there!