New Whitepaper: Getting Real on M&V 2.0 Standards

New Whitepaper: Getting Real on M&V 2.0 Standards
November 3, 2017 Tim Guiterman
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With the growing interest and focus on data-driven, automated methods to measure energy efficiency, known as Advanced M&V or “M&V 2.0,” it’s time for the energy efficiency (EE) industry to get serious about developing standards. That’s why EnergySavvy is publishing this whitepaper that presents our vision for successful standards that can support advancing both the energy efficiency industry and more broadly integrated DERs.

The whitepaper, Getting Real on M&V 2.0 Standards, articulates our vision of success for standards around a common set of calculation methods for M&V 2.0, explains the industry context for standards, and why the status quo is insufficient. We then provide fundamental principles inherent to any successful industry standard, stakeholders that should be involved, and a tactical roadmap to move forward–raising caution on popular concepts that have zeal but are unproductive.

While EnergySavvy is a for-profit company, we see ourselves as part of an industry ecosystem and believe that open industry standards can promote both societal and market success as a whole. We make our work transparent, enabling clients and others to inspect our software source code and methods. We have years of experience in software standards, open source and proprietary software and data science–having performed M&V 2.0 calculations on approximately 5 million customers for energy efficiency programs across the country and had our software reviewed and tested publicly and privately by numerous M&V firms. We serve over 30 utilities across the country, including around 50% of the top energy efficiency utilities as ranked by ACEEE, and most of the major statewide energy efficiency providers. To help the industry scale and mature, we offer our breadth of experience to support the development of an industry standard for M&V 2.0.

We circulated an earlier version of the whitepaper to a small group of stakeholders for feedback, incorporating many of the suggested changes into this version. Getting Real on M&V 2.0 Standards represents one view and is part of a much broader discussion around the need for standards–one that is gathering steam in many circles. Please download the whitepaper here (no registration required), and let us know your feedback and ideas. We hope that you can help us build off of existing efforts and actions and make a robust suite of standards a reality.