New Tool Takes the Pain out of HPXML Testing

New Tool Takes the Pain out of HPXML Testing
February 9, 2016 Cassandra McCandless
Trade Allies

EnergySavvy makes new program-specific HPXML Validator open, free, and available to any contractor, in-home auditor, and audit software provider.

bpi-certified-professionalIn June of 2013, the Building Performance Institute announced a new data standard to reduce the pain and frustration associated with data collection within the home performance industry. BPI-2100, also known as the Standard for Home Performance–Related Data Transfer, or HPXML, allows software used by contractors, auditors, and utilities to “talk” to one another. With HPXML, utilities and software vendors can choose best-in-class modeling and audit tools while lowering the cost of implementation.

EnergySavvy customers have already seen the benefits of deploying HPXML – contractor satisfaction skyrockets and the time required to complete projects drops dramatically.  However, adopting HPXML isn’t easy if you don’t have the right tools and team in place. Testing the standard can be time consuming for the modeling tool vendors and program staff, and lead to unhappy contractors if software compatibility is not guaranteed. Historically, HPXML testing has been done with generic text editors that are inefficient and non-program specific. While working with several utilities across the country like Arizona Public Service (APS) and Salt River Project (SRP) on their Home Performance with Energy Star programs, EnergySavvy recognized an opportunity for process improvement: a quick way to test HPXML compliance for individual programs.

TradeAllies_2This winter, EnergySavvy created the HPXML Validator – a standalone validation tool accessible through a simple URL. Using the tool, anyone can upload a file and quickly identify if it meets the unique HPXML requirements of a program; and if not, where the error lies. It goes beyond the recently announced NREL HPXML validator by validating the program-specific errors that can easily stand in the way of a successful software integration.

For utility personnel and the developers of in-home audit and modeling tools, the HPXML Validator serves as a source of truth by reflecting the most up-to-date information, straight from the program code. It eliminates confusion and functions as a go-to reference for all involved parties. Whether a new audit software provider would like to participate in a program, or a current one requires modifications to accommodate program changes, compliance testing becomes quick and easy.

Since its creation in October, the tool has already been put to good use. Adam Stenftenagel, Co-Founder and CEO of audit software company Snugg Home commented, “EnergySavvy’s new HPXML Validator is a huge time saver for us. It was previously really difficult to test our files and we often had to pass files back and forth to see if they worked for various programs. Now we can quickly test our files in any of the programs in both the production and development environments.”


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