M&V 2.0 is Growing–and the Industry is Taking Notice

M&V 2.0 is Growing–and the Industry is Taking Notice
February 2, 2017 Jake Oster
M&V 2.0 Meeting


In late 2015, the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) released a groundbreaking paper on “The Changing EM&V Paradigm.” The report highlighted the emergence of M&V 2.0 and value the new technology could provide to the utility industry. M&V 2.0 includes continuous measurement of energy savings at the customer meter to provide near real-time insight into energy efficiency program performance. In the year since that paper was published, momentum has built across the industry. As a follow-up, NEEP published a brief scan of the progress of M&V 2.0 since their initial paper. The analysis takes stock of the growing list of vendors providing M&V 2.0 solutions and highlights case studies from a select group of companies such as EnergySavvy.

In the recent follow-up NEEP report, EnergySavvy’s case studies, conducted with PSEG Long Island and Arizona Public Service, are both highlighted as distinct examples of how utilities are using M&V 2.0. At PSEG Long Island, faster program insights were possible with data from bi-monthly meter reads. While at APS, the use of these technologies to monitor over- and underperforming projects for quality assurance allowed the utility to reduce costly physical inspections by 50% in 2016. APS also launched a contractor scorecard to provide their trade allies with feedback on meter based savings achieved as part of the program.

Based on this industry brief, NEEP concludes that the M&V 2.0 industry is growing. NEEP also notes that, “The case studies point to various strengths of [M&V 2.0], including its ability to provide process evaluation insights, the value of granular data, and the ability to diagnose opportunities for savings, and to examine persistence of behaviors over time. For example, these tools are useful in monitoring and comparing performance across implementation contractors within a given program and utility…”.

We at EnergySavvy completely agree. We are watching the M&V 2.0 industry grow as utilities seek out tools that provide faster performance feedback and regulators look to enhance and advance EM&V. We look forward to NEEP’s next industry brief and expect to see even more expansion across the industry.