Mass Save Increases LED Click-To-Buy Rate by 3x

Mass Save Increases LED Click-To-Buy Rate by 3x
January 20, 2016 Cassandra McCandless
Mass Save

How do you get 2.5 million customers to participate in your energy efficiency programs?

Mass-Save-Infographic-drop-shadowIn order to “engage the masses” and drive energy savings, Mass Save sought a customer solution that would rev up homeowner interest and increase energy efficiency program involvement. Through their efforts, they more than tripled industry average participation rates in a click-to-buy LED bulb campaign. How’d they do it? Visit the infographic and read more below.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) recently voted Massachusetts #1 in energy efficiency on their annual state scorecard for a record fifth year in a row. At the heart of this achievement sits Mass Save – a unique initiative that encompasses the coordinated energy efficiency programs for eight major utilities and energy efficiency service providers in Massachusetts. The initiative demonstrates continuous dedication to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and helps Massachusetts maintain its #1 standing by ACEEE.

As part of a comprehensive engagement plan involving no-cost, in-home energy assessments and generous customer incentives, in 2014 Mass Save launched EnergySavvy’s Optix Engage, an online energy assessment meant to educate Massachusetts residents and drive participation, while collecting a wealth of customer data. That data is stored in a flexible, cloud analytics portal enabling Mass Save to segment customers by savings potential, insulation levels, age of heating equipment, and more.

The power of customer segmentation enabled Mass Save to drive a 3.5 times higher purchase rate from a recent LED lighting campaign compared with a control group.









In an increasingly digital world, customers expect all of their online experiences to be intuitive, engaging, and easy. Why should utilities be any different? With a self-driven energy audit to compel engagement from the state’s 2.5 million utility customers, Mass Save demonstrates how a rich set of analytics can enable customer segmentation and targeting that move the needle on driving new revenue opportunities and higher customer satisfaction.