Making Home Retrofits Sexy

Making Home Retrofits Sexy
November 25, 2009 Scott Case

Upgrading the energy efficiency of homes and buildings is the most cost effective way to “produce” new and clean power for our country and reduce our dependency on foreign oil.  Homeowners love the idea of producing their own power through solar panels on their homes.  What many people don’t realize is that doing a home energy retrofit and reducing the amount of power that your home consumes does the same thing.  Your efficient house pulls less power off the grid, meaning less power needs to be produced by a coal-fired power plant.  Just like home solar panels.

Mike Signer wrote a great post on The Huffington Post called Why Retrofitting Should Be Sexy that talks about the recent report by Vice President Biden’s Middle Class Task Force and the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality titled, “Recovery through Retrofit”, and how and why the Obama administration is trying to make energy efficiency a centerpiece of their energy policy.

The sexy side of environmentalism has never been about houses. We generally focus on cute animals (e.g. polar bears marooned on ice floes) or Hollywood disaster scenarios (e.g. The Day After Tomorrow). But the fact is that retrofitting houses to make them more efficient, through means that will create jobs, is the low-hanging fruit of the new environmental movement.

So our challenge as an industry is to figure out how to bring the cute animals and Hollywood disaster scenarios, the sexiness, to home energy efficiency.  We’re trying to do our part at EnergySavvy to make it easy, but we definitely need help on the “sexy” part.