It’s Really Hot!

It’s Really Hot!
July 28, 2009 Aaron Goldfeder

We’ve been really shy on the blog lately.  Mostly because we’re just really, really busy!

Today though… Wow.  It’s just super hot in Seattle.  Mid 90’s or hotter all week.  If you don’t live in Seattle, you may not know…  Very few of us have air conditioning here.  So we’re really, really hot!

To remedy, we’ve moved our whole company into a friends condo down the street that has AC.  Now we are literally Cold Chillin and making progress.  This heat wave can’t stop us! 🙂

Below is a shot of our temporary office in our friend’s condo. Good thing they are at their corp jobs all day – thanks to Google and Microsoft.


And here’s the article from the Seattle Times.

Picture 3