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Implementing a Customer Experience Solution without the IT Headache

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This post was originally published on EnergySavvy’s website. EnergySavvy is now Uplight.

Planning and implementing a project can seem like a big house remodel–long, full of unknowns, and almost always over budget. Going into a new year, IT managers are often tasked with delivering even more new projects–creating lots of challenges and uncertainties. After deploying over 100 customer experience solutions to more than 30 utilities and state organizations across the US, we have compiled the top myths IT teams have to implementing a customer experience solution–and how we can bust them. Here are a few of ones that we discuss in the infosheet.

Myth 1: “We don’t have the available IT resources to support this project, and/or the systems are locked down.”
EnergySavvy has partnered effectively with IT teams of all types of utilities—large, small, municipal, and investor owned. With our proven ability to act as an extension of your IT department, we are able to get solutions up and running in a matter of weeks.

Myth 2: “It would take too much work to clean up the data for a pilot project.”
Using a robust stack of data cleansing and scrubbing tools, we can quickly combine, validate and clean multiple data sets into a usable and valuable asset for your organization.

Myth 3: “Our data is too valuable to share with third parties.”
EnergySavvy works alongside the utility in a fully transparent manner every step of the way, so that it’s the utility and their team that are able to capture the value from the customer data analytics and personalization we deliver.

To hear specifics on how we overcame each of these myths and other, get the infosheet.


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