How to Boost Engagement When the Clock is Ticking

How to Boost Engagement When the Clock is Ticking
October 17, 2017 Crystal Leaver
Women with mailer on couch


It’s already October, and many marketers and program managers are racing to the finish line to meet enrollment and program participation goals for the year. With only a few months and a limited budget, utilities have a dwindling options to get the results needed.

Of course, customer awareness is the first step. But with only 3% of customers “very aware” of their utilities’ energy efficiency programs, this leaves you with a sizable awareness gap. And even if customers are aware of your utility’s programs, many are hard to reach through digital channels. In fact, a utility typically has less than half of their customer’s email addresses.

Fortunately, Direct Mail Assessments (DMA) can be a simple way to drive this needed awareness, and more importantly, enrollment by personalizing outreach to all customers—including those who are not digitally engaged—right through their mailbox. Not only are DMAs cost-effective and able to drive results within the program year, but they have delivered 9x the response rate of standard direct mail. And, 7.4% of respondents go on to participate in the utility’s programs for the first time.

Plus, DMA’s can also provide a boost to customer satisfaction along with enrollment. According to J.D. Power, customer satisfaction is 76 points higher among customers who are aware of a utility’s programs than among those who are not–and it’s even higher for customers enrolled in a program.

Check out our new infographic with even more interesting information about DMAs as a tool for utility marketers and program leaders.