How Green Button fuels innovation and growth in Energy Efficiency

How Green Button fuels innovation and growth in Energy Efficiency
March 22, 2012 Anne Maertens

Open data standards will promote rapid innovation, industry growth and energy savings

EnergySavvy is excited to be among the companies announcing support for the Green Button initiative today. We think Green Button, as a common language for energy usage information, has the potential to foster new innovation and growth for energy efficiency companies.

The Challenge of Scale in Energy Efficiency

We’ve grown a lot lately at EnergySavvy, tripling the size of our team in the past year to keep up with demand from new and existing customers. Keeping this momentum while continuing to offer consumers great experiences will increasingly require open standards that facilitate growth and innovation.

We’ve promoted the need to adopt standard formats for energy efficiency data for years (see “Five Different Languages in One Industry”). Without open standards, utilities are forced into expensive approaches and custom systems, and consumers have little or no choice when it comes to understanding their energy usage and ways to save energy and money. Open standards have been critical to multiple waves of private sector innovation on the internet, and we believe that they have the potential to spur waves of innovation in energy efficiency. That’s why we’re very excited by the Green Button initiative, the momentum it’s gaining, and the work to help lead this effort provided by the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy.

What is the Green Button Initiative?

Green Button is an industry-developed, open, voluntary standard for presenting energy usage information. It creates a common language for utilities to use when describing their customers’ energy usage. These utilities will be able to work with any tools that support Green Button to provide the best experience for their customers. Customers of utilities that adopt Green Button will be able to download their data with one click and find a wide variety of tools to get the most of their data and understand their energy usage better (which helps them save money and energy).

EnergySavvy and Green Button

EnergySavvy is already working on support for the Green Button standard. With Green Button, we can make it easier for consumers to understand their energy usage and save money on their utility bills. A single, nationwide open standard for energy usage information means the innovations EnergySavvy creates for one Green Button utility can immediately be translated to any other Green Button utility coast to coast. It will allow us to deliver new features at a lower cost and with greater flexibility for our customers. All of that means more innovation and more growth for us as a company.

“Green Button has the potential to become an open standard that unleashes private sector innovation and growth–not unlike the role of open standards and the internet. We’re excited about this effort–it will help accelerate our ability to serve customers nationwide and further invest in our rapidly growing team.”

– Aaron Goldfeder, CEO, EnergySavvy

Green Button as a Model for Innovation

By bringing together the experts in both the private and public sectors to form the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (under NIST’s leadership), the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy is playing a key role in the creation of this industry-developed open standard. And by helping to promote and drive voluntary adoption of a single open format for energy usage data among utilities, the OSTP has seeded the usage of the Green Button standard in the industry.

EnergySavvy believes that the Green Button Initiative is a great model for innovation. An open standard for energy usage information–facilitated by government but created by the industry–will lead to great outcomes for each of the different stakeholders in the energy industry, especially consumers. Offering positive outcomes for all stakeholders while being open and flexible means that the Green Button initiative can help drive the next wave of private market innovation and growth in energy efficiency.