Recent funding helps expand our personalization capabilities

Recent funding helps expand our personalization capabilities
April 21, 2017 Crystal Leaver
Personalization and Customer Insights


It’s a busy and exciting time right now for EnergySavvy as we continue to help utilities use predictive analytics to personalize the customer experience. And so it was a pleasure to share this week some of the great ways in which our recent round of funding has enabled us to invest in and have an impact on our clients, their customers’, and the rapidly transforming utility industry.

“With the boost in funding we received last fall, we’ve been able to accelerate technology investment, service delivery, customer acquisition, and even accelerate deployments,” CEO and co-found Aaron Goldfeder, observed in this week’s release. “It’s an exciting time to be at EnergySavvy, because this has allowed us to double down on our unique ability to help utilities of all sizes understand and personalize engagement based on real customers’ needs—regardless of existing customer platforms—and do it while avoiding highly expensive, risky and drawn out IT sagas.”

Last year, EnergySavvy completed a $14 million equity financing, bringing the company’s total financing to over $27 million. GXP Investments, the investment affiliate of Great Plains Energy and the parent of Kansas City Power and Light Company, was the lead investor with Inherent Group, Prelude Ventures, and EnerTech Capital also contributing.

Among the important technology benefits these investments have now enabled, are:

  • Further expansions in predictive and artificial intelligence capabilities such as fuzzy customer data matching, and improved machine learning to uncover valuable customer insights from disparate data;
  • Substantial design enhancements to product user experience, including multi-lingual support;
  • Personalization enhancements to the online residential and business assessment platform;
  • New strategic partnerships to deliver expanded business intelligence (BI) capabilities; and
  • Ever more powerful analytics to extract real-time insights from advanced measurement and verification (M&V 2.0) technology.

We’ve presented more than 10 times in the last six months at regional and national conferences across the country such as the ACEEE Intelligent Efficiency Conference, the NEEP EM&V 2.0 Workshop, Utility Analytics Summit, the Emerging Technologies Summit, and the upcoming New York Rev Summit–helping us become a leading voice on how utilities can use predictive analytics on real-time customer data.

The result of these investments has been a year of unprecedented customer expansion for EnergySavvy, with Q4 2016 and Q1 2017 each showing notable year-over-year growth. In the last two quarters alone, we’ve signed 16 new and expanded client scopes and deployed 10 more, helping utilities and energy programs of all sizes better use cloud analytics technology to understand and engage with their customers.