Evoworx Corporate Environmental Report

Evoworx Corporate Environmental Report
April 22, 2009 Aaron Goldfeder

Given that it’s Earth Day, we thought it was time to release our first Annual Corporate Environmental Report.

We hired McKinsey Sustainability Consultants and they’ve been hard at work.  The consultants told us that since McDonald’s headquarters is LEED platinum, it was time for us to get on the ball.  Here’s the tally:

Top 5 Ways Evoworx is Not Green

  1. We’re not Carbon Neutral… Nor are we neutral on N20, Methane, or these other newly recognized harmful gases. (All joking aside, the EPA report and stir with congress is a great Earth Day treat!)
  2. We use too many disposable cups and cutlery.  Much of it is compostable, but those darn red party cups are just super handy.  If only we had a sink in our office and could more easily wash stuff.
  3. We love to print.  We don’t yet have a projector or big AV system, so we print a lot.  Granted its 100% post consumer recycled paper (gr33n l33t!), but still.
  4. Our servers don’t run in a hyper-efficient Data Center powered by renewable energy.  We know there’s a number of companies offering this service.  We just haven’t gotten there yet…
  5. We should probably composte our food waste – but have no clue how we’d do it from our building.  And we’re not about to carry it out by hand (at least not yet).

Top 5 Ways Evoworx is Green

  1. The Plex is a walker’s paradise!  We’re about 100 steps from Whole Foods.  And we are easy walking distance to the print shop, lunch spots, 2 gyms and even a great cigar shop.  Plus we have great bus access from the entire city.  Most of us could walk or bike to work if we wanted to… (ahem)
  2. Espresso.  This is Seattle, so, nothing happens with out Espresso.  We’re happy to say that we don’t buy it per disposable cup at a coffee shop.  Rather, we have our own espresso maker and use NW roasted coffee that we buy by the pound.  We mostly drink Cafe Zoka – though we’re also fans of Vivace, Vida and Victrola.
  3. We support Canned Beer!  Yes, when we host gatherings it’s domestic canned or keg.  Canned beer is making a huge comeback – it’s the green wave of the year.  Uses less fuel to ship (lighter) and easy to recycle.  Go green by drinking canned beer.
  4. Our equipment is used.  Just about all of our furniture and equipment is second hand – whiteboards, desks, chairs, etc.  Even some of our laptops are re-furb (But blazing fast).
  5. Community.  We’re happy and proud to be one of the organizers of Bloom! Seattle.  We could do more, but we feel like at least were doing *something* for the community.

OK, that’s it! The first Annual Evoworx Corporate Environmental Report.