EnergySavvy Webinar Double Feature

EnergySavvy Webinar Double Feature
August 31, 2011 Anne Maertens

Two upcoming Webinars featuring EnergySavvy team members and partners should be on your radar.

MEEA Technical Webinar Series Presents:
Engaging Homeowners in Energy Efficiency

Presenters: Scott Case, EnergySavvy and Brian Detman, Clean Energy Works Oregon

When: September 8, 2011 at 1:30 CDT
Register here: http://bit.ly/pAlsQV

When it comes to engaging homeowners in energy efficiency, one of the keys to success is making energy efficiency emotional. Through learnings from A/B testing with the Department of Energy and other Market research, EnergySavvy’s Scott Case will educate Webinar attendees on how social psychology triggers can nudge homeowners toward the deeper whole-home retrofit rather than the stopping at the rebated single measure.

Interested in how other programs are implementing these strategies? Brian Detman will share top marketing tips from the Clean Energy Works Oregon (CEWO) program. CEWO is an industry leading, ARRA funded program that has leveraged behavioral psychology and online marketing to retrofit 127 homes in the first five months of the program. Learn what successful marketing strategies program administrators are leveraging and replicate those strategies in your own program.

EGIA Leadership Academy Presents:
Motivating Homeowners to Take Action

Presenters: Rob McGarty, EnergySavvy and Diane Ferington, Energy Trust of Oregon

When: September 8, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. PST
Register here: http://conta.cc/pH5O2n

Taking into consideration the viewpoints of utilities and governmental organizations, contractors (trade allies), and homeowners, EnergySavvy’s Rob McGarty and Energy Trust of Oregon’s Diane Ferington will share their strategies on getting homeowners to take action in home energy efficiency.

The strategies include tactics to increase conversation rates, integrating diverse marketing messages and avenues, and balancing retrofit demand with contractor capacity. Importantly, Webinar attendees will learn how to “sell” home retrofits by combining the quantitative benefits of energy and money savings with the qualitative benefits of home comfort, health and safety.