EnergySavvy Partners with Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy to Engage Rural Customers

EnergySavvy Partners with Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy to Engage Rural Customers
August 7, 2017 Crystal Leaver
Rural Areas

Focus on Energy, Wisconsin utilities’ statewide energy efficiency and renewable resource program, wanted to better reach their rural customers. The organization works with eligible Wisconsin residents and businesses to install cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects–projects that otherwise would not be completed without financial incentives.

Focus on Energy selected EnergySavvy’s Direct Mail Assessment (DMA) to provide a highly visual, intuitive and cost-effective way to engage their hard-to-reach customers located in rural Wisconsin.

“This pilot program with EnergySavvy provides a unique opportunity to reach and engage rural customers,” said Casey Langan from Focus on Energy. “Our goal is to inform utility customers of ways to reduce energy waste and provide more personalized recommendations to programs with the Focus on Energy portfolio.”

Direct mail energy assessments will be sent out to 100,000 rural Wisconsin utility customers this summer. Customers can either send their assessment in my mail or respond online–providing an on-ramp to digital engagement.

“Real utility customer engagement means bringing everyone on the journey–and the right channel for some customer segments is direct mail,” said EnergySavvy CEO, Aaron Goldfeder. “Our modern cloud software integrates seamlessly to create a compelling and interactive energy educational experience that customers can hold right in their hand. This is the magic behind a 750% increase over traditional direct mail response rates.”

For more information on EnergySavvy’s Direct Mail Assessment, check out our website.