EnergySavvy Enables Customer Experience Solutions for Nearly 20 New Initiatives

EnergySavvy Enables Customer Experience Solutions for Nearly 20 New Initiatives
September 9, 2017 Crystal Leaver
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EnergySavvy announced today a number of new customers and expansions–enabling utilities to further transform their customer experience. So far in 2017 EnergySavvy has signed and launched nearly 20 new utility customer experience solution initiatives.

National Grid’s Home Energy Services (HES) program launched this month with EnergySavvy’s best-in-class workflow automation solution, facilitating seamless coordination and driving increased savings to over 80,000 projects annually. National Grid HES is the top residential energy efficiency program in the country, delivering $263 million in benefits to Massachusetts residents annually. National Grid is also a proud Sponsor of Mass Save®, a collaborative of Massachusetts’ natural gas and electric utilities and energy efficiency service providers.

Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance (GCEA), will now rely on EnergySavvy’s cloud-based platform and analytics to help residents identify potential energy efficiency improvements as part of a whole-home approach to upgrading equipment and lowering utility consumption. “EnergySavvy’s Residential Online Assessment will enable more Greater Cincinnati area residents to get personalized, actionable recommendations that they can use to reduce energy usage and save money,” said Rob McCracken, GCEA’s Director of Residential Operations. GCEA is a nonprofit organization focused on facilitating investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for the purpose of reducing carbon emissions.

Also included among EnergySavvy’s new 2017 customer experience initiatives are:

  • Salt River Project is leveraging EnergySavvy’s platform to increase both customer satisfaction and participation among their 30,000 SMB customers.
  • Berkshire Gas will be using EnergySavvy’s Direct Mail Assessment to offer their customers personalized action plans for increased money and energy savings as cooler weather hits.
  • Oklahoma Gas & Electric is expanding their use of EnergySavvy to deliver region-specific programs and energy efficiency offerings tailored to each customer across their full service territory, including western Arkansas.
  • A large gas IOU is now working with EnergySavvy’s Customer Experience Transformation consulting team to transform and modernize their overall customer experience.

At the core of EnergySavvy’s customer experience is Customer Cloud, a microservices based utility customer data platform that stitches together multiple, disparate data streams, enabling a true 360 view of the customer.

“EnergySavvy is the only comprehensive customer experience solution that solves utility specific data challenges, works with everything and deployable at cloud speed. Our customers want high-value solutions deployed quickly and without having to spend an arm and a leg–and we’re happy to create that for them,” said EnergySavvy CEO Aaron Goldfeder.

EnergySavvy will be exhibiting at the 2017 E Source Forum from September 12-15. Come find us at booth 20.