EnergySavvy Adopts Open Source / Open Standards M&V 2.0 Code

EnergySavvy Adopts Open Source / Open Standards M&V 2.0 Code
March 5, 2019 Crystal Leaver
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Today we’re announcing a product update for EnergySavvy’s M&V 2.0 platform. Given the recent decision by Open Energy Efficiency, Inc., to split out open source code governance from their for-profit business, EnergySavvy is adopting the open source eemeter package as part of our toolkit for site-level and population-level energy modeling. We’re excited to benefit from and contribute to the open source code in this area of our platform, as we have with many other open source initiatives (i.e. HPXML).

We’re also thrilled to see the team at Open Energy Efficiency, Inc. explore the more advanced bias correction approach that currently powers EnergySavvy client deployments of advanced M&V, using comparison groups to more accurately determine energy savings from energy efficiency projects. The paper they co-authored with Energy Trust of Oregon outlines their progress here.

For the data geeks in the industry that have followed the sometimes contentious but always innovative process to evolve the M&V 2.0 standards, these two developments represent a major shift in the way that both companies have positioned what is possible, ending a geeky feud of sorts.

We believe that our unique approach to bias correction that allows faster measure-as-you-go optimization has strong benefits, but we’re looking forward to clean industry competition based on track record, demonstrated results, and advancing the M&V space together.

To learn more about EnergySavvy’s energy analytics and M&V 2.0 technology, read more here or contact us.