CEO Goldfeder on Effective Home Efficiency Marketing

CEO Goldfeder on Effective Home Efficiency Marketing
December 15, 2010 Scott Case

Home energy efficiency programs around the country, run by most utilities and by government entities at all levels, have at least one common goal: to reduce the energy wasted by the nation’s aging housing stock. And they all share common tactics: lavishing homeowners with incentives, tax credits and low-interest loans to induce them to upgrade the efficiency of their homes through low-tech, but high-impact, measures such as adding insulation, upgrading to new high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment and sealing air leaks in the home’s living space.

Yet, no matter how generous these programs are – many offer thousands of dollars of incentives per home – they all face a common problem. The problem: actually getting homeowners to care about efficiency and to take action. Across the country, home energy efficiency programs suffer from a demand creation problem.

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