Drive Program Participation with the Direct Mail Assessment

Drive Program Participation with the Direct Mail Assessment
December 7, 2016 Crystal Leaver
EnergySavvy Direct Mail Assessment

While it’s true customers are becoming more digitally savvy, 70% still remain disengaged, opting not to go online to manage their energy bill or sign-up for an energy efficiency program. It’s expensive and challenging to reach seniors, low to moderate income, and rural customers. Direct mail can provide the answer as a powerful tool that can be used on its own or in conjunction with digital outreach.

One of the highlights for EnergySavvy this past year has been the strong momentum the Direct Mail Assessment has gained. In the past 90 days alone, three existing clients have added the Direct Mail Assessment to cost-effectively reach customers that have never been involved in energy efficiency programs before. Even for those digitally engaged customers, emails can get overlooked, whereas a letter is refreshing.

Some of the reasons that our clients have recently implemented our Direct Mail Assessment include:

  • Generating more program leads: The assessment has a 10 times higher than average response rate. Once customers complete the assessment, they receive personalized recommendations, increasing their likelihood to participate in a program.
  • Engaging hard-to-reach segments: Reach more low to moderate income, senior, and rural customers with an average 17-18% response rate.
  • Converting customers online: The Direct Mail Assessment also provides a link in the cover letter in case your customer prefers to complete the assessment online, resulting in additional digital conversions of 5-7%.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction:Customers that complete a Direct Mail Assessment report 11% higher satisfaction of their utility than those who do not.
  • Know more about your customer: Get access to all 37 data points collected through both direct mail and online assessments in one place, making it easier to see customer data, create retargeting marketing lists, and follow-up on leads.

Check out the infographic to learn more, or contact us.