December @ EnergySavvy

December @ EnergySavvy
December 30, 2009 Scott Case

We’ve had a busy month here at EnergySavvy.com, connecting with homeowners, signing up contractors, releasing new features, and working towards a big product launch early in 2010.  Here are the highlights:

  • Ask an Expert: We launched a new feature this month!  Home energy efficiency and all the energy rebates that are out there to help pay for it are complex and confusing.  To help demystify things, we’ve launched a feature where people can ask questions about any home energy efficiency topic or any energy rebate program out there – to be answered by energy contractors in our network or other efficiency experts.  Help us beta test it here or anywhere on our site.
  • Our Homeowners: We’ve been hearing from homeowners across the country – wanting to lower their $900/month energy bills in Southern California; wondering whether efficiency measures, solar or wind is a better option in central Minnesota; wanting to know whether insulating the walls of a manufactured home in Oklahoma is cost-effective; wanting to get connected with an energy auditor in Florida so we “stop sending all that oil money overseas”.
  • Our Contractors: We’ve been signing up new energy contractor partners – telling us they’re happy to be getting “the right kinds of leads” from us, that they like our personalized service, that we’re presenting energy efficiency in the right way, and even reposting some of our homeowner-facing content on their sites.

We’ve got a big couple of months ahead of us in early 2010.  Stay tuned for news about our next big product release in early 2010.  Happy holidays!

– The Team at EnergySavvy.com