M&V 2.0

  • Snow Storm

    It’s Finally Winter and M&V 2.0 Is Snowballing Across the States – Part 1

    This year we’ve a lot of developments around M&V 2.0. Utilities like PSEG Long Island prove that M&V 2.0 software…

  • Fuzzy Math

    Fuzzy Math: Deemed Energy Savings Aren’t Sufficient

    Earlier this year, I sat on a panel with Tom Eckman, a long-time efficiency expert who helped establish the use of…

  • Contractor Scorecard

    PSEG Long Island and Arizona Public Service Use Analytics to Drive Faster Insights

    One of the most promising areas of customer analytics is in distributed energy resources. Increasingly utilities are asking themselves how…

  • ACEEE Logo

    Two Must-See Events on M&V 2.0 at ACEEE Summer Study

      All summer long, I’ve been jealous of my kids as they go to various summer camps, full of fun…

  • 5 Surprisingly Wonderful Regulatory Developments, Explained in 60 Seconds

    So far 2016 has been a banner year for important actions at public utility commissions. Several significant policy decisions and…

  • Measuring Tape

    Notes from the Grid Edge: Modern Measurement Can Lead to Better Programs

    The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership (NEEP) EM&V Forum both released…

  • Next Generation of Measurement Tools for Energy Efficiency

    Ever since the term “EM&V 2.0” was first coined in 2014, the energy efficiency industry has been debating how the…

  • Golden Gate Bridge in California

    A New Law Measuring Savings at the Meter

     Why California’s New Efficiency Law Is So Important Last month the California legislature adjourned, but not before passing a handful…

  • Measuring Tape

    White Paper: Transforming Energy Efficiency Through Modern Measurement

     A policy perspective on savings measurement software, new data analytics that will lead to greater transparency and better stewardship of utility…

  • Continuous Measurement

    Notes from the Grid Edge

    “Summer Rage” at the International Energy Program Evaluation Conference -By Tim Guiterman Earlier this month, I was invited to speak…