M&V 2.0

  • Green energy meter

    Driving Towards Energy Savings at the Customer Meter – Trends and Implications

      These remarks were delivered as part of the recent AESP annual conference. There is a great deal of talk…

  • Analytics on laptop and phone

    New Whitepaper: Getting Real on M&V 2.0 Standards

    With the growing interest and focus on data-driven, automated methods to measure energy efficiency, known as Advanced M&V or “M&V…

  • Distributed resources energy analytics

    All Things M&V 2.0 at the NEEP EM&V Fall Forum

    I recently attended the NEEP EM&V Fall Forum, a one-day workshop titled “The Many Flavors of M&V.” The focus of…

  • Blue gear data

    M&V 2.0’s Role in Energy Efficiency Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

      Energy efficiency is emerging as an important distributed energy resource and growing to meet long-term energy needs. As energy…

  • Power Lines at Night

    Five Best Practices for Normalized Metered Energy Consumption Success

    With California IOU’s now required to implement third party programs and measure impacts using normalized metered energy consumption, or NMEC,…

  • Meter reading

    Integrated Evaluation Through M&V 2.0

    This was originally published on the NEEP blog. The following post was adapted from my comments given at NEEP’s EM&V…

  • Meter reading

    Enabling the Future of Energy Efficiency in New York

    New York is in the midst of a major overhaul of the regulatory framework that governs the energy sector. The…

  • RMI M&V 2.0

    The Promise of Advanced M&V: Game-changing Benefits for Energy Efficiency

    This week the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) released a much-anticipated white paper titled The Status and Promise of Advanced M&V:…

  • M&V 2.0 Meeting

    M&V 2.0 is Growing–and the Industry is Taking Notice

      In late 2015, the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) released a groundbreaking paper on “The Changing EM&V Paradigm.” The…

  • Playing in the snow

    It’s Finally Winter and M&V 2.0 Is Snowballing Across the States – Part 2

    Regulators are recognizing the benefits of M&V 2.0, are now developing policies that encourage utilities to incorporate it into their…