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    How EnergySavvy helped 4 utilities gain an ACEEE Exemplary Energy Efficiency Program distinction

    ACEEE recently released their fourth report featuring exemplary energy efficiency programs titled, “The New Leaders of the Pack: ACEEE’s Fourth…

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    EnergySavvy announces 2017 Utility Customer Experience Maturity Survey Results

    As a company, we’ve met with over 10,000 utility leaders and executives across the country and one common theme we’ve…

  • Cloud software

    Energy Regulators Take the First Step to Recognize Cloud Software Solutions

    This week the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) passed an important resolution that signals a recognition of the value…

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    Congratulations ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award Winners

    We’re Proud of the 7 EnergySavvy Clients Taking Home the Award This week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and…

  • Energy Efficiency Innovation Gets Boost Under EPA’s Proposed Clean Power Plan

    Energy Efficiency “most cost-effective system of emission reduction” under the EPA Clean Air Act Section 111(d) Rule Today’s release of…

  • DSM Challenges

    Getting to 21st Century Energy Efficiency

    Part 2: What’s Causing Energy Efficiency to Underperform? -by Aaron Goldfeder, CEO of EnergySavvy  The following article ran in Electric Light…

  • Getting to 21st Century Energy Efficiency

    Part I: Why is Energy Efficiency So Hard to Measure and Difficult to Manage? -by Aaron Goldfeder, CEO of EnergySavvy…

  • A Ticking Atomic Clock: Nuclear Power vs. Efficient Homes

    Why home energy efficiency is more cost effective and better for our economy than replacing our nation’s dying nuclear power…

  • Five Different Languages in One Industry

    A very-much-not-fun look at the inconsistent ways that energy efficiency measures are described in our industry Developing an energy retrofit…

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    Did Cash for Appliances Work?

    It’s a huge success. It hasn’t gone anywhere. Actually, it’s a little of both. Fifty states and six territories have…